The company

Comediants is a collective formed by actors, musicians and artists of all stripes and colours, completely immersed in the world of creation.

Although Comediants is essentially known as a theatre group, the truth is that their creative efforts have found expression through a wide range of activities covering the most disparate fields. Design, records, books, festival projects, films, costume, teaching materials and television series are some of the different areas in which the group.

Anywhere will serve as a stage (a street, a square, a whole neighbourhood, a river, a field, the Aqueduct of Segovia, The Barcelona Olympic Stadium, the Times Square metro station or the lake at Banyoles), any element can be dramatised (a glass of milk, a bed, a big-headed puppet…) and any kind of language (mime, clowning, commedia dell’arte, puppetry…) becomes perfectly valid in order to reach the audience, without establishing any distinctions of age.

From their very beginnings Comediants have been identified with what you might call the festive spirit of human existence. All of our creations have been inspired by pagan, popular, religious or initiation symbols, myths, rituals and ceremonies that celebrate the cyclical passage of humanity upon the Earth.

Thus, our performances and shows are more than mere theatrical or musical events, seeking to reawaken the deepest festive roots which provide us with our communal roots, as a species, and which moor us to the natural world of which we form a part. This has enabled us to create a working method in which possible limitations do not exist.

¿So what is the aim?

To establish a “theatre of the senses”. A theatre of colours, smells and textures, yet also a theatre of provocation.

  • A provocation that is bound within the simplicity of the myth or tale, juxtaposed with the complexity of modern life.
  • A provocation that proposes optimism in the face of certain present day realities.
  • A provocation which proposes the rediscovery of an everyday reality in the face of the remorseless march of modern times.
  • And finally, a provocation that represents a compromise with the present, to open peopleís eyes and allow them to see the world as a wonderful house of culture and friendship, of which we must all do our utmost to take care before it is too late.

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