Thang Long. 1.000 years of Hanoi ’10

Thang Long. 1.000 years of Hanoi ’10

Celebration of the 1.000 years of Thang Long, former name of Hanoi, in front of an audience filled with representatives of the international cultural sphere and over 20.000 people.

We recreated the legend of the origin of the city, founded in the place where a golden dragon took flight towards the sky (Thang Long). Artists from Comediants and local groups collaborated in a fantastical show where the union of the Thang Long dragon and the Phoenix bird created the magnificent geography of the country, provoked the birth of fairies, men and women of the sea, rice farmers and ceramic craftsmen.

Together, with fire effects and fireworks, they told the story of the country’s tenacity and their hope for a united city of Hanoi.

The show was commissioned by the Spanish Embassy in Vietnam, so celebrate the 1.000th anniversary of the foundation of the city of Hanoi and it included the participation of the Spanish International Development Cooperation Agency, Vietnam’s Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the People’s Committee of Hanoi.

19 artists from Comediants and 19 actors from the Vietnam Circus Federaation.


October, 2nd 2010. My Dinh Stadium. Hanoi.
Script and director
Jaume Bernadet
Assistant director and choreographer
Montse Colomé
Costume design
Nona Umbert
Rita Kuan- Jin Hua

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