The fire of celebration. Closing ceremony Olympics ’92

The fire of celebration. Closing ceremony Olympics ’92

The Fire of celebration is the closing ceremony for the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona.

Stars, planets, demons and fantastical creatures created a magical stage about the origin of the world conceived as an ode to fire, the moon and the sun, the great painter of the Mediterranean.

A universal element that leaves as all in awe, because we see it over our heads, in the magnificent sun, and we know it’s also under our feet, in the swarming magma.

When we planned the design of a spectacular goodbye to the world from Barcelona’s Olympic stadium, we immediately knew fire was the way to go, as it is the element that best describes the festive spirit and character of the people from this little corner of the world.

Over moret han 850 actors participated: Professional actors and dancers, Associació Catalana de Circ, Aula de Teatre de Mataró, Gresca Fresca, Tripijoc, Colla de Diables de Vilanova i la Geltrú, Colla de Diables de Nou Barris, Colla Clàssica de Sitges, Bestiari de Catalunya, Banda de Llíria, Cor de València, Olympic volunteers.


August, 9th 1992. Olympic stadium. Barcelona
Joan Font
Assistant directors
Jaume Bernadet i Oriol Boixader
Fireworks and fire effects design
Cristophe Berthonneau
Costume design
Andreu Sánchez
Planet design
Castells i Planas
Giant dragon design
Montse Colomé
Koniec, J.A. Amargòs, Michael Weiss, Carles Elmeua, Carles Santos.
Quim Guixà i Plasticiens Volants
Fireworks technical management
Isidre Panyella. Pirotècnia Igual

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