The arts inundate San Javier ’09

The arts inundate San Javier ’09

Great anniversary celebration for the opening of the 40th edition of San Javier’s Theatre and Dance Festival.

The parade starts at the sea, in Santiago de la Ribera, disembarks and moves along the streets and roads until it reaches the Township square, where a commemorative stage is set representing all the stage arts. Then Thalia appears, the theatre muse, and allows the flying of wishes to begin, with all the little wishes the audience had previously written on the specially made postcards, sent into the skies.

10 allegorical carriages for the arts and a hundred other participants, amongst which Comediants’ characters, local professional and amateur actors, musicians and dancers all come together in this genuine flood of theatre, comedy, music and dances staged by nymphs, elves, satires, classical dancers, giants, winged dragons, demons, drummers, the Grim Reaper and its dancing skulls, clowns, the MC, the author, the harlequin, Dionisios, Papageno and the three muses of music, dance and theatre: Euterpe, Terpsicore and Thalia.

A festive invasion that reclaims the street as our second home, a place where we can share the pleasure of being together by stopping time and celebrating live through the language of the stage arts and the theatrical forms of the celebration in its most Mediterranean and extroverted sense.


1 de agosto de 2009. San Javier. Murcia.

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