Terpsícore, Terpsícore ’09

Terpsícore, Terpsícore ’09

Travelling performance conceived as an ode to the idea of dancing to life, and in which dance is intimately related to the four elements.

The performance included the participation of 60 people, amongst which musicians, dancers, actors, controllers and technicians.

Lead by Terpsicore, the Greek muse of the dance, this parade incorporates different travelling stages along its course where all dancing disciplines are represented: the dancers of the earth, the fiery tablao with its fast-paced rhythms, the water cone with the sensual dances, the cloud of light with contemporary dancing, the moonlit cabaret with the Latin dances of cumbias and danzones, the snowball that becomes a music box of classical dance and Bacchus’ courtship the runs over the hill of the ruins in Italica dancing with satyrs and nymphs.

The show was also performed during Bilbao’s White Night on June, 19th 2010 with an adapted stage to suit the Guggenheim Museum and under the title Terpsicore’s labrynth. The stages were unmoving and it was the audience that went from one to the next, enjoying the different dances.



July, 9th 2009. Italica Internacional Dance Festival. Santiponce. Sevilla.

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