Mozart Andante ’06

Mozart Andante ’06

Musical cavalcade produced by Elsinor and created by Comediants, on the occasion of Mozart’s 250th anniversary.

The cavalcade is a travelling parade through bits of his great work, and it turns the streets into a stage that allows the audience to hear and see his music. Today, as back in his time, his tunes need to be whistled again on the streets in a clear demonstration of his popularity, universality and survival.

Mozart Andante in a mix of allegorical carriages, machinery and stages with actions and music scenes that remind us of seven moments of the composer’s short, but intense, life.

The musical parade begins with the presentation of the travelling stages and ends in a collective concert celebration. The stages are: Mozart, the child genius; Teen Mozart; Mozart, the composer; The opera carriage; Don Giovanni; The Magic Flute; and the Requiem.


August, 6th 2006. Santander. 55th International Festival.
Other performances
August, 18th 2006. Almeria. Almería’s Fair.
August, 20th 2006. Bilbao. Aste Nagusia. The whale and the music.
December, 20th, 21st and 23rd 2006. València. Palau de les arts Reina Sofia.

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