Neruda Adelante. 100 years travelling ’04

Neruda Adelante. 100 years travelling ’04

Massive open show for thousands of Chileans that travels from 3 km through the city center

The show presents a recreation of the Nobel prize winner and poet, Pablo Neruda’s life and work, in homage to his 100th birthday.

Nineteen moving stages show different moments of his life in three great formal aspects: his work, as a river of poetry that conquers the streets and the audience; his private life, in a show of seven beds representing his travels, his homes and his loves; and his legacy, as a hymn to freedom, happiness and peace.

This cavalcade was performed on March 21st at Bitacura’s airfield under the name Neruda Street. That time, an audience of 5.000 was seated along the runway, on either side of a newly created stage area through which all carriages went, crossing a made believe street 12 m wide and 100 m long. All stages and allegories came in and played their part and then left the stage through the opposite side of the field.

Organized by the ARTEDUCA corporation, funded by BBVA, and sponsored by the Assistant President Commission to Pablo Neruda’s Centennial.


March, 18th 2004. Santiago de Chile. La Moneda Palace and city streets.
Script and director
Jaume Bernadet
Assistant directors
Jordi Cardoner, Robert Gobern, Jin Hua Kuan
Comediants production
Susana Jové
Stage design
Cristian Carter
Chile cast
140 actors, famous and beginners. 75 musicians from 3 bands.

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