Peralada Arts ’11

Peralada Arts ’11

Spectacular 25th anniversary celebration of Peralada’s Festival with the participation of over 3.000 members of the audience divided into 2 parts

Peralada Arts. Afternoon.
Musicians and actors guide the audience towards three chosen areas in town, where they listen to The Magic Flute sung by Papageno and Papgena, then they witness one of the tales from the Arabian nights and finally, they are given a piece of the story of Orfeo ed Eurídice.

At the end all three groups go back to the castle’s courtyard where a giant birthday cake is built and all wishes written by the audience are sent up into the sky.

Gala soirée. Night.
Actors, musicians, singers and dancers invite everyone to a trip around the typical yearly celebrations, music and dances. An ode to the wheel of time where all present can celebrate the cyclical happening of the seasons as well as celebrate the Festival’s 25th turn around the sun!



August, 15th 2011. Peralada
Script and direction
Jaume Bernadet

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