La Bataille de l’eau contre la sécheresse ’07

La Bataille de l’eau contre la sécheresse ’07

Theatre invasion developed from the joint work of Comediants, the EMS and the Noisy-le-Grand township.

It involved over 200 people: 75 local school musicians, 80 local actors, stilters, climbers and other people, 32 actors and technicians from Comediants and 15 members of the technical and general staff from the EMS.

The town of Noisy-le-grand invented a new type of celebration, the Festiv’eau, where everything revolves around water. For it’s second edition, the main characters were Water and Earth.

The stage was created in the 300 m of the Aristide-Briand avenue, and it included its balconies, the sky and the facades on each emblematic building along the way. Water’s lair was on the upper side (Espace Michel-Simon) and the Earth-drought’s on the lower side of the avenue (la Mairie), representinf the natural flow of water, downwards.

The development of the performances involved a war between two different worlds, that of the drought and that of the water, with all the consequences of this fight and the stage possibilities offered by having two opposing worlds continually fighting. The audience is in the middle and can look either way.

The balconies and the street keep changing to reflect the winning side. The language is a visual one, full of music and poetry. All test and narrations are sung by an opera singer representing the voice of water. In the final scene water triumphs and the audience becomes an active part of all the actions taking place in the avenue.



June, 2nd 2007. Noisy-le-Grand (Paris). Les Festiv’eau.
Joan Font, Jaume Bernadet
Script and director
Jaume Bernadet
Stage manager
Cristina Sánchez
Anna Lingua
Musical coordination
Ramon Calduch
EMS coordination
Coordinació musical
Ramon Calduch

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