A trip through the arts ’06 

A trip through the arts ’06 

Great format show created during a workshop that involved 30 artists from Comediants and 45 artists from Burjassot and València.

A trip through the Arts is a specially made performance that stemmed from the initial opening ceremony for Burjassot’s 10dB second edition and FGV’s streetcar service 20th.

The main axis of the show is the world of travelling. In the first part all stations and wagons become our stages, in a trip that starts at the legendary station in the Pont de Fusta in València to the Vicent Andrés Estellés station in Burjassot, where the second part begins: the Street of Senses. An Arts Boulevard where the traveller moves though different artistic modalities related to the senses: music bands, choirs, portraits, pictures and projections, flower and scents constructions, climates with wind and rain effects, eastern dances, food from the 5 continents, moons and salt dunes on which to walk barefoot…

The end of this trip takes place during the third part, a fire final celebration specially designed to the facade of the Chemistry College and inspired in some scenes from Comediants’ own classic: Dimonis.


May, 5th 2006. Burjassot. Valencia.
Original idea
Festival 10dB
Script and director
Jaume Bernadet
Assistant director and choreography
Montse Colomé
Rita Kuan (Jin Hua)
Technical production
Joan Segura

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