Books and Discography

Books and Discography

Translation of the company’s universe onto books and discography.


  • Sol, solet. Free sensitive cosmic and literary version of our performance Sol Solet. Idea and creation by Comediants. Artistic direction: Salvador Saura and Ramon Torrente. Edicions de l’Eixample-Institut del teatre (First edition in Catalan: 1983. Second edition in Spanish: 1984. Third edition in Catalan: 1986).
  • Soleil Soleil. French edition of our book Sol Solet. Éditions Milan (1986).
  • La Nit (The night). Text and illustrations: Comediants. Graphic direction: Salvador Saura and Ramon Torrente. Edicions de l’Eixample (1987).
  • Comediants 15 anys (15th anniversary). Special booklet by the magazine El Público edited by the Centro de Documentación Teatral. INAEM. Various authors. (1988).
  • Somnis (Dreams). Book for night reading. Editorial Aliorna. (First edition 1987, second edition 1988, third edition 1990).
  • Agenda Perpètua (Perpetual diary). Picture summary of the company’s last 27 year. Editorial Barcanova-Institut del Teatre (1998).
  • El Libro del día y de la noche (Book of day and night). Círculo de lectores-Aura Comunicación (2002).


  • Sol, solet.  Music and lyrics: Comediants. LP (1983).
  • Llibre de les Bèsties (Book of beasts. Performance about Ramon Llull’s book. Ramon Calduch, jr. CD and cassette (1994).
  • Bi. Joined performance with China’s Acrobat’s Company. Saki Guillem. CD (2001).
  • L’Arbre de la memòria (Memory tree). Based on the performance we created for Barcelona’s 2004 Forum. Ramón Calduch, jr.  CD (2005).
  • 1001 Noches (Arabian nights). Based on our performance about the tales of the Arabian nights. Gani Mirzo. CD (2005).

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