Exhibitions and objects

Exhibitions and objects

Translation of the company’s universe onto exhibitions and objects.


  • Casa Comediants. Multidisciplinary center about the company’s style and language. Canet de Mar. Work in progress. (2011).
  • La casa dels contes (House of tales). Project on a permanent exhibition about universal tales. Work in progress (2011).
  • Forats (Holes). Spying on Comediants. Museum of Toys and Automatons. Mayoral Collection. Verdú. Lleida (2005).
  • Llauna de mar (Tin of sea). Exhibition based on the program from our performance Mediterranean. Sala Vinçon. Barcelona (1991).
  • La Primavera al Tinell (Spring in el Tinell). Spring in Barcelona as seen by mr. Cardona del Ingenio, Can Forés, Pepeta, Joan Brossa and Comediants (1980).


  • Capsa de somnis (Box of dreams). Trunk shaped suitcase for theatre teaching. Made of puppet theatres, sound guide, masks, costumes, diorama and puppets (1994).
  • Creation of theatre box  on “Reasonable astronomy” for the band El Último de la Fila (1993).
  • Aquarinto. Creation of a series of characters commissioned by Javier Mariscal for the theme park in Tokyo (Japan).
  • Dimonis. Collection of paper masks to celebrate the company’s 15th anniversary (1985).


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