Knowledge exchange. Training and transferring the company’s own style through workshops, objects and random  publications.

Many of the current performances in great events, cavalcades and theatre invasions were originally conceived in intensive courses aimed at helping participants understand the world thought Comediant’s view.

Some of these activities

  • Stage arts Baccalaureate. Comediants allowed the new Baccalaureate to be taught in its premises at the Centre de Creació Comediants. Monographic courses from the annual curriculum. Canet de Mar (school years 2010/ 2015).
  • Contes Cantats (Songs sung). Training course for young children from the child choir of Orfeó Català taught at Comediants’ Centre de Creació La Vinya. The result was a sung performance of legends and traditional Catalan tales at Barcelona’s Palau de la Música Catalana. Barcelona (2010-2011).
  • Teaching booklet from Songs sung. Creation of the syllabus and content to help teachers and educators delve into the songs and further participation and learning (2011).
  • Enfantfarre. Exchange seminar between the Belgian child choir and part of the Catalan child choir of Orfeó Català. There was a later presentation of songs in from of Lluís Domènech Montaner’s building in Canet de Mar and in Barcelona’s Palau de la Música (2009).
  • Las Meninas. Children workshop to learn how to read the famous painting by Picasso. Picasso museum, Barcelona (2008).
  • FAI AR. Formation Avancée et Itinerante des Arts de la Rue.  Periodical three-week long stay by various students from different countries, from the La Cité des Arts de la Rue, Marseille, France. They work on Comediants’ own language, collective creation and stage setting of the mutually agreed topic: the myth, the ritual, the celebration, love or death… La Vinya. Canet de Mar (school years 2004, 2006 and 2007).
  • Dedalo Comediants. Training course for all actors participating in the 1st street theatre festival “Il Mondo della luna” organized by Maurizio Scaparro in Casertavecchia. Naples, Italy (2007).
  • Architecture, art and ephemeral spaces. Master of the UPC and Elisava students in Barcelona (from 1996 to 2008) at Canet’s La Vinya (2007) and
    Approximation to Comediants’ world of theatre. Seminar by the Centro de Difusión Cultural of Spain’s Embassy. Mexico DF (2004).
  • Festcat. Catalan school of celebration. Llívia (School years 2003/2004).
  • The small magic flute. Interactive DVD of The small magic flute, edited by Gran Teatre del Liceu (2003).
  • The importance of mime work and body language. Course organized by Theatres of the Generalitat Valenciana. Sueca, Valencia (1998).
  • Anthologia, a walk through Comediants. Educational dossier created for schools, to help students better understand the performance (1996).
  • Book of beasts. Educational dossier. (1996).
  • Teatro de palco e rua. Street theatre and fireworks course during Belo Horizonte’s Internacional Festival. Brazil (1996).
  • Capsa de Somnis (Box of dreams). Educational suitcase to teach young people how to create theatre by means of learning the different aspects of the art. This was the 7th in a line of educational material from the La Caixa Foundation (1994).
  • Saber ajuda (Knowing helps). Material about Aids (1994).
  • Viatge pels cinc sentits (Trip through the 5 senses) School itinerary through the different areas in Canet de Mar’s La Vinya. Canet de Mar (1994, 1995).
  • The Nature of theatrical spaces. La Vinya. Canet de Mar (1993).
  • The Willow Street Carnaval. Stay in La Vinya with a theatre group from Chicago. Canet de Mar (1989).
  • International theatre Course. With the participation of over 100 students from different countries, on account of the maxi show Nit de nits (Night of nights). Canet de Mar (1989).


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