Expos, Forums and Cultural Capitals

Expos, Forums and Cultural Capitals

Developing and creating shows representing the theme and ideas behind each universal, cultural or European event.

Some examples

  • The dragon that brings us together, Shanghai World Expo. China (2010).
  • Huesca, the magic. Promotion of Huesca during the 2008 Zaragoza World Expo (2008).
  • Dreams of water. Presentation of Zaragoza at the Aichi Expo, Japan (2005).
  • Bleue. Routes et couleurs de la Pierre. Lille, European cultural capital. Tournai, Belgium (2004).
  • Memory Tree. Universal Forum of cultures. Barcelona (2004).
  • ZH2O Zaragoza’s candidature presentation at the Bureaux Internacional des Expositions. Paris, France (2003, 2004).
  • Bird of Imagination. Salamanca, European cultural capital (2002).
  • The Bird of 1000 colors, Spain’s day at the Hannover World Expo, Germany (2000).
  • Memórias de agua, carriage for the Peregrinaçao, Lisbon’s Expo, Portugal (1998).
  • 1001 Noites , presentation of the cultural programming for Lisbon’s Expo. Portugal (1995).
  • The Magic of Time, daily cavalcade for Seville’s World Expo (1992).
  • Curro, presentation of Seville’s Expo’s mascot (1989).
  • Cobi, presentation of Barcelona’s Olympic Game’s mascot (1989).


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