Opening ceremonies & celebrations

Opening ceremonies & celebrations

Any space can be dramatized and any event can be turned into a shared celebration: opening ceremonies of buildings, public spaces, festivals, centennials, commemorations, closing events…

Comediants has put his mind forward, with its imagination, creativity and experience, to develop performances that create emotion, surprise and fascination in thousands of people for the occasion of any grand event.

Each show has its own design, language and techniques during development, according to the reason and place where the celebration takes place.

Some macro-shows

  • Cava week. Trilogy. Speech for the Cava Week conceived as a trilogy (2001-2003-2011).
  • Thang Long. 1.000th anniversary of the city of Hanoi, My Dinh Stadium. Vietnam (2010).
  • Opening of Os xogos do Eixo Atlantico. A Coruña (2009).
  • Palau 100. Palau de la Música Catalana centannial. Barcelona (2008).
  • Plaça Oberta (Open square). Opening of the Main Square in d’Alfafar. Valencia (2007).
  • La ballena de Parla (Parla’s whale). Speech for the annual celebration in Parla. Madrid (2006).
  • Foc als 25! (Fire at 25!) Opening of the 25th edition of the Street Theatre Fair in Tàrrega (2005).
  • Calle Neruda (Neruda street). Year of the poet. Bitacura’s airport. Santiago de Chile, Chile (2004).
  • Rebombori d’Abril (April mayhem). Opening of the park in la Muntanyeta. First stone of the Central library. Recuperation of the Electrical station spaces. Sant Boi (2003).
  • Fa mil anys (1000 years ago). Millennium of the offering of the papal bull at Sant Cugat’s monastery (2003).
  • La machine du temps (The time machine). Opening of the Festa d’Oc, Béziers invite le monde. Béziers, France (2003).
  • Feliz cumpleaños Picasso (Happy birthday, Picasso). Opening of Pablo Picasso’s museum. Málaga (2003).
  • Genius of life. Opening of the Eid Festival. Doha, Qatar (2002).
  • Gaudí, bateig de foc (Gaudí, baptism of fire). 100th anniversary of the great architect, Antoni Gaudí’s baptism. Reus (2002).
  • 50 años rodando (50 years filming). 50th International Film Festival in San Sebastián (2002).
  • Carnavales culturales (Cultural carnival). Valparaíso, Chile (2001).
  • Opening at ELIA conference. Ceremony for the European League of Institutes of the Arts. Institut del Teatre. Barcelona (2000).
  • Le cirque du temps (Circus of time). Celebration for the new millennium at the Fêtes de la Saint Louis. Sète, France (2000).
  • Ritual de foc i màgia (Magic and fire ritual). Opening of the Serallo bridge. Tarragona (1999).
  • Napulanno. New year’s at Piazza Plebiscito. Naples, Italy (1998).
  • 1st European Festival of Solidarity. 50th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Palau Sant Jordi. Barcelona (1998).
  • El sueño de un rey (A king’s dream). Centennials of Phillip II and Charles V, El Escorial, Madrid (1998).
  • Las dos caras del Teatro (The two faces of theatre). Closing of the 6th Iberoamerican International Theatre Festival. Bogotá, Colombia (1998).
  • 25 Anys de Comediants (Comediants’ 25th anniversary). Opening of the 17th Street Theatre Fair in Tàrrega (1997).
  • Escenaris de carrer: zona en transit (Street stages, a traffic area), Festival Grec, Barcelona (1996).
  • Vacopus ignea, Dr. Music Festival, Escalarre, Valls d’Àneu (1996).
  • Memesis. Sky, Ein Fest Für Linz. Opening of the Ars Electronica Center building. Linz, Austria (1996).
  • La Pedrera: un edifici en movement (Pedrera, a moving building). Commemoration for the ending of the restoration works. Barcelona (1996).
  • Una vella paraula, una bella pràctica (An old word, a beautiful act). Internation Year of Tolerance. Olympic stadium, Barcelona (1995).
  • Theatre boat and Life, once upon a time. Istanbul International Festival. (1995).
  • 1001 Noites, presentation for the cultural program of Lisbon’s ’98 Expo. (1995).
  • Reflexes, homage to Màrius Torres, Lleida (1995).
  • Opera mundi. Um sonho bom with the Fura dels Baus, at Maracaná’s Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (1994).
  • Obertura de fuego y nácar (Opening of fire and nacre). Opening of the new Stadium for the Comunidad de Madrid (1994).
  • Vive le Monde, Saint Louis celebration at Sète’s canals, France (1994).
  • La festa del foc (Feast of fire), Closing ceremony for Barcelona’s 1992 Olympics. Barcelona (1992).
  • Opening and closing ceremonies for Avignon’s Festival, France (1983).
  • 1st Street Theatre Fair “teatre, trifulgues i xim xim” in Tàrrega (1981).
  • La Merçè, renovation of Barcelona’s town celebration (1981).
  • Il volo del turcho, opening of Venice’s carnival, Italy (1981).
  • Tauromachia, Spettacolo del Fuoco and Festa dell’addio, recuperation of the carnival in Venice’s Biennale. Directed by Mauricio Scaparro. Venice, Italy (1980).
  • Berlin’s first Catalan weeks, Berlin, Germany (1978).
  • Opening of the Teatre-Café Odeón. Canet de Mar. Barcelona (1977).
  • Sis hores de cançó (6 hours of song). Travelling shows and street animation during the macro-concert. Canet de Mar (1977).
  • Canet Rock. Stage interventions with the music band Companyia Elèctrica Dharma (1976).


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