New street creations under a specific topic such as the stage arts, sports, Don Quijote, Mozart’s work or Neruda’s life.

Every show is composed by different actions and allegorical carriages: genuinely live moving stages where actors are completely in contact with the audience. Every cavalcade has a starting actions, an itinerary and a final action where the audience comes together after the tour following actors, musicians, acrobats and dancers.

All street shows move along streets, squares and avenues, looking for a maximum audience. All local artists are invited and workshops are created to involve them in developing Comediants’ typical language into the performance.

Some examples

  • Up Medellín, closing ceremony for the 9th South American games. Medellín, Colombia (2010).
  • The arts inundate the festival, 40th edition of San Javier Theatre and Dance Festival. Murcia (2009).
  • Terpsícore, Terpsícore, opening ceremony of Italica’s International Dance Festival. Santiponce. Sevilla (2009).
  • Ode to sport, opening ceremony of Os Xogos do Eixo Atlántico. A Coruña (2009).
  • Mozart Andante, to celebrate Mozart0s 250th anniversary. Santander, Almería, Bilbao, València (2006).
  • Las Nuevas Justas de Zaragoza: 1st Quijote’s tournament of the digital era. For the celebration of Aragon’s Day. Zaragoza (2005).
  • Ode to madness, for the 400th anniversary of the Quijote’s publishing. Almagro, Segovia, Bilbao, Vitoria, Alcalá de Henares (2005).
  • Neruda adelante. 100 years travelling, which stages the life and work of the poet on the year we celebrate his 100th anniversary. Santiago de Chile, Chile (2004).
  • Wake up to the Millenium, welcoming celebration for the new century. Madrid (2001).
  • Cavalcade of the arts for the cultural carnivals in Valparaíso. Chile (2001).
  • Odyssey, together with Macnas company. Saint Patrick’s Day. Dublin, Ireland (1999)
  • Mediterranean party, Sydney Festival. Australia (1999).
  • La Santuzza, dramatization of the plague for the 374th Festino di Santa Rosalia, Palermo. Italy (1998).
  • Magic of time, a whole year transformed into a daily cavalcade for Seville’s World Expo.
  • Mare Nostrum, a trip through the essence of our sea. Barcelona and Seville (1992).


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