Invasions Theater

Invasions Theater

Various stage arts occupying the urban space and transforming the city into a huge open air theatre. The audience becomes a group of travellers who move from stage to stage through a drama exchange of dancing, acting, singing and performing.

Each theatrical invasion is different and it is created according to the architectural features of each space. Squares, courtyards, streets, facades, balconies or cloisters become stages for our performances.

Theatre invasions are just one more step in Comediants’ research to transform the public space and create magical and ephemeral moments of meeting and festive communication through the arts.

Some recent invasions

  • Peralada Arts celebrated its 25th anniversary by occupying the village with different pieces of shows by Comediants in the Festival through its 25 years. Peralada (2011).
  • Terpsícore’s Labrynth. On Bilbao’s White night we conquered the city’s Guggenheim museum and its surroundings with different stages and dancing sets. Bilbao (2010).
  • Opera andante, multiple stages spread throughout Madrid’s Oriente square, to celebrate the day that “Opera takes on the streets”, on account of the International Opera Day, Madrid (2008).
  • Dedalo, during “Il Mondo della luna” Festival, where the medieval town of Casertavecchia was occupied by different stages with different languages. Naples, Italy (2007).
  • Bataille de l’eau contre la sécheresse, a homage to water, during the Festiv’eau of Noisy-le-Grand. Paris, France (2007).
  • De Viatge per les arts (a trip through the arts) which filled Burjassot with 5 senses-related performances. Burjassot, Valencia (2006).


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