Num3r@lia ’08

Num3r@lia ’08

Num3r@lia mixes different languages: theatre, dance, songs, music, masks and projections.

When Iu is born he enters the world of numbers. As he grows he discovers its magic, its symbolism and its meaning. In this work adressed to a familiar public, we propose to captative the youngest with the pace of the actions, at the same time as we try to make adults thin over and smile about the confirmation of the importance of the presence of the numbers in our lives.

Three actors perform all the characters of the play. On stage there is a screen wherefrom the prominent figures enter and go out and it serves so much os support for the images as of theatre os shades.



20th december 2008 at Cosmocaixa Barcelona.
Joan Font
Idea amd creation
Jaume Bernadet, Roger Julià, Joan Font

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