On July 4, 2015
Twenty thousand enthusiasts spectators, enjoyed the Electrical Company Dharma and 48 persons of Comediants, Perkutes de Canet and pupils of the baccalaureate of the scenic Arts of the IES Lluís Domènech i Montaner de Canet, we fill the scene on the occasion of the celebration of 40 anniversary of the first Canet Rock. In the year 1975 Comediants and Dharma they formed an artistic commune that generated two of the spectacles more emblematic of both companies: the Sol solet of Comediants and l’ou com balla of the Dharma. To re-live through the festive moment of the action carried out 40 years ago and to same times to claim the combative spirit in the recovery of the street as space of freedom of the 70s, they were the axes of the artistic offer.
With words of the poem La terra festejada of Josep Fortuny: …amb un raig de sol, i ens vam llençar al carrer…I ens deixàvem/ enlluernar, eufòrics i enamorats, / pels colors de la Mediterrània./ Una claror/ de paradís. Com un primer dia del món./ Al carrer, és que et sents lliure.