PREMIÉRE OPEN AIR: On August 10, 2014, Festival TRAMA, Bellver de Cerdanya.

PREMIERE IN  THEATRE: On October 12, Theatre Conservatoire, 17a Fira Mediterrània of Manresa.

Winning Spectacle of the Innovation in Popular Culture 2014 Scholarship – Foundation Jaume Casademont.

COMEDIANTS: Jin hua Kuan: actress and voices. Jaume Bernadet: actor and voices. ORQUESTRINA TRAMA: Ivan Caro: gralla, flutes and voices. Núria Llobet: violin and voices. Ivan Garriga: violin and voices. Arnau Obiols: percussión and voices. Marc Figuerola: double-bass, guitar and voices. Laura Yàñez: acordeon diatònic and voices. Liv Hallum: acordeon diatònic and voices. Ulf Hallum: machinist and extra.

Musical spectacle on the Pyrenees and his people.

Inspired in musical of them mountains, Jacint Verdaguer’s poems, texts and songs of new creation, legend of oral tradition and holidays through that still are alive for the whole Pyrenees.

The youth and enthusiasm of Orquestrina Trama formed by  people born in the Pyrenees and the experiénce and the scenics lenguages of 43 years of Comediants, travelling with the Sun in our baggage, join for to sing and to put in images, sounds and actions,  part of the myths and holidays that form the life and the traditions of the Pyrenees, fabulous pantry of customs of our country.

Idea, script, texts and  artistic direction: Jaume Bernadet Munné

Composer, musical arrangements and musical director : Ferran Martinez artistic Palou

Production: Jin Hua Kuan

Choreography: Montse Colomé

Art’Direction: Nona Umbert

Desing of sound and lights: Jordi Rotés

Coordinatión’s project: Paca Sola

Voices in off of elderly Pirene: Elvira Domingo i Neus Vallejo

Accomplishments of the material escenográfico

Giant Gerión:: Pau Gomez

Mask of bear: Neus Lòpez-Llauder

Fallas d’Isil: Jaume Comas

Book of the Pyrenees Flowers: Fundació Pirineu’s Culture Cati Solé

Blacksmith: Jaume Serrat

Tailor: Silvia Revoltós

Thanks to all the friends who have helped to do Monts, especially: Joan Sangenís, Ricard Molins, Arcadi Castillo, Xavier Porta y Neus Lopez-Llauder.

Dedicated to the village of Estana



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