From 15 to 28 November. Bogotá. Colombia
XXV International Arts Festival. Invasion of Popular Culture. Carnival of Joy
November 22. Enrique Olaya Herrera National Park
November 23. Arts Park
November 24. Closing of the Festival Cavalcade
November 27. Conference at the IX Forum of the visibility of culture “The Theatre in the development of popular culture”. Mayoralty of Bogotá
A team of seven Comediants’ people joins the Chiminigagua group to recreate Dimonis, the Comediants’ classic spectacle. The performances will take place after a seven-day intensive workshop in which the culture of fire of both formations is melted to pay homage to the sun, the God Chiminigagua in pre-Columbian culture. The performances are part of the celebrations of 40 years of travelling Comediants With the Sun in the Suitcase.