Presentation the premiere of Comediants’ Documental named, WITH THE SUN IN THE BAGGAGE

A film directed by Elisenda Dalmau and Hector Muniente and produced by SetMàgic Audiovisual.
June 27, Barcelona. Spain.
Cinema Renoir Floridablanca. Barcelona-Moritz Factory.
The four cinema halls were filled with actors, musicians, dancers, technicians, fireworks, set designers, costume designers, sonneteers, lighting, tailors, volunteers, press, producers, designers, graphic artists, editors, chefs, restaurateurs, blockbuster, friends, relatives and authorities Comediants big family. At the end of the film all together we made a parade led by the Banda del Surdo and giants of Sant Feliu de Llobregat led everyone to Ronda Sant Antoni where the party started on the Moritz factory. Over 100 actors of several generations of Comediants take out from the Moritz’s balconies with big mask characters from different shows of the company, ending with our classic “Demons” down the street that ignited the party with a monumental big cake.