School of Dance and Music.
July 9 to 14, Esterri d’Àneu. Lleida. Spain.
“Street Party” is the unifying concept of music, dances and actions by Dansàneu this year which involved fifty students. Jaumet and Jin Hua from Comediants, assisted by the artist Nona Umbert musicians like Xavi Lozano and Ferran Martinez, have coordinated the subject “playwright festive street”. The storyline has been the creation and staging of the story “Jan and The Enchanted”. A tribute to choreographer and creator of Dansàneu, Joan Serra, which this year has left us to go dancing up whith a fairies of the mountain. In the course was other activities like the show “Demons”, small format, in Esterri’street and screening of the Comediants’film “Dreams’Street”.