Bi, two worlds, two looks ’01

Bi, two worlds, two looks ’01

Our chimera is to unite two ancestral cultures in a common act of artistic creation.

For thousands of years, the East and West have developed their creativity in parallel and now, with Bi (Two worlds, two views), the spirit of fun, music, poetry, irony and circus and acrobatic skills fuse together to create a common artistic project. East and West are two poles, two paths, two cultures and two ideas of the world with great artistic potential that the Comediants attempt to explore and unite in a scenic adventure based on cross-cultural exchange.

A show born from the interchange between the Chinese world of the imagination and the Mediterranean. Made together with the Acrobatic Company of China, the Comediants bring a freshness, magic and imagination to the project, as well as their experience in different artistic disciplines such as music, the plastic arts, non-textual drama, choreography and the creation and handling of stage artefacts. The Chinese specialists contribute their impeccable circus discipline and extraordinary acrobatic skills.



26th July 2001 at the SXXI Theatre in Beijing, China

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