Boccato di cardinale ’01

Boccato di cardinale ’01

Boccato di Cardinale is a dinner-show where the menu is intimately linked to the great performances given by actors, acrobats, illusionists, singers and musicians.

It is a delicious menu of performances viewed while the aromas of the most innovative cuisine float over us and we savour the delicious dishes.

At the entrance to the location, the maitre d’ and his assistants offer the diners an unusual welcome; once at their tables, an entertaining group of waiters uncover a world full of extravagant and ingenious surprises; a delirious bustle of waiters and chefs bring the first course and juggling, impossible balancing acts, musical numbers with cooking utensils and an exquisite performance by singers amaze the diners during their meal.

This show saw a long-standing dream of the Comediants come true: to create a dinner-show that could be savoured by all five senses.




1st March 2001. Modernist marquee installed in front of the Gran Casino of Barcelona

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