Wonders of Cervantes ’00

Wonders of Cervantes ’00

One-act farces, magic, infidelities, gossip, elections, jealousy, hypocrisy and other fiestas.

A fiesta, a blend of circus, Comedia dell’arte, acrobatics and music staged by the usual Comediants team with Joan Font as director, stage design, wardrobe and props by Joan Guillén, choreography by Montse Colomé and music by Pep Gol. The Gossips, the Salamanca Cave, the Election of the Mayors of Daganzo, the Jealous Old Man and the Altarpiece of the Marvels are the five entremeses by Miguel de Cervantes chosen for the present work.

Maravillas de Cervantes (Marvels by Cervantes) is a show commissioned by the Compañía Nacional de Teatro Clásico, consisting of some of the one-act farces (entremeses) presented between acts during the Golden Century of Spanish Literature.



31st March 2000, at the Teatro de la Comedia, Madrid.

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