Non plus plis ’72

Non plus plis ’72

This play was to foreshadow those elements which would become characteristic of the group: the recuperation of popular elements and their dramatisation, the breaking up of the conventional staged space, co mitment, life and its festive cycle, the use of music as a dramatic element.

A peaceful village witnesses the interruption of the village festival on the arrival of a giant, with a cigar and a top-hat, and his henchmen, a priest and a policeman, who sends them all to gaol so that only the well-off, who are under the giant’s protection, can have a good time: a cat, a lion, a frog and a donkey.

Both the villagers and the audience decide that either everyone gets to play or the pack must be reshuffled.



1st June 1972. Olesa de Montserrat.

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