PERSEPHONE in the cave from NERJA

Musical performance based on Persephone’s myth. Six months a year Zeus’ and Demeter’s daughter resides with her mother, and then she becomes Kore, the maiden spreading the joy of spring and summer over the Earth. For the remaining six months she is Persephone, Hades’ wife and mistress of the underworld. As queen her job consists of collecting the souls of the departed and leading them to the underworld. While her mother cries for her six months’ absence, Fall and Winter reign on Earth.
Persephone’s song at Nerja’s cave echoes across the breath-taking Ballet room and it moves us to think about the astounding theatre through which our live travels, an outside world of light and colour that helps us forget our silent and dark inner world, where we feed the seed that will flourish into light, in the never-ending cycle of life.