Birthday Cake ’02

Birthday Cake ’02

Commemorative performance in the shape of a visual stage represented by means on a poem that ends with the construction of a huge birthday cake specially designed for the occasion.

A group of cooks interact with the audience during the whole performance: meeting, mingling, decorating, wish-writing, cake-building and they also participate in the musical finale filled with fireworks.

The cake celebration can be represented outdoors or indoors (minimum height required) for the bake to reach it’s 7 meters.

Other anniversary celebrations

  • Peralada’s Festival 25th anniversary (2011).
  • European Balloon Festival 10th anniversary, Igualada’s airfield (2006)
  • Silken Hotels 10th anniversary, Sala Oval, MNAC, Barcelona (2005)
  • Trias i Pujol Hospital’s 20th anniversary, Pavelló Esports, Badalona (2003)
  • Caixa Laietana’s 140th anniversary, Palau Sant Jordi, Barcelona (2003)
  • San Sebastian’s International Film Festival’s 50th anniversary (2002)


San Sebastian’s International Film Festival’s 50th anniversary (2002)

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