Ritual of the countdown ’99

Ritual of the countdown ’99

Alive representation of a human and theatrical clock that expresses the emotion for a new and exciting beginning.

During the first part, the musician on top of the musical time sculpture introduces a Faun that walks over walls in search of the Harlequin. They eventually get together over the grand calendar and sing a poetical version of the calendar of time.

In the second part, various town representatives express a wish for the future. These wishes are then stuck to the tail of a balloon, to be sent up into the skies. As the great poet once said: “in order to move forward, we must aim at the infinite.

Inspired by the automaton clocks, this performance is very open and it may be represented during various days, it can be adapted to any type of building, public space and event.

Some performances

  • BFIT clock, Bucharest, Romania (2009).
  • L’Horloge de Pierre. Lille, European Cultural Capital. Tournai, Belgium, (2004).
  • Un bitllet a Montserrat (A ticket to Montserrat). Opening of the new train. Montserrat (2003).
  • 100th anniversary of Agrupació Musical Senienca. La Sènia. Tarragona (2003).
  • Final Four, Bologna, Italy (2002).
  • 14th International AIDS Conference. Barcelona (2002).
  • Fiestas de la Virgen Blanca, Vitoria (2002).
  • Salamanca 2002, European Cultural Capital (2002).
  • Víspera de Musas. International Day of Museums, Seville (2002).
  • El Reloj de las Artes (Arts clock), Cultural Carnivals, Valparaíso, Chile (2001).
  • 25 anys del Grec (Grec’s Festival 25th anniversary), la Virreina, Barcelona (2001).
  • Casa Rull, 150th birthday anniversary of Lluis Domènech i Muntaner, Reus (2000).
  • Forum of Cultures presentation, Fundació Miró, Barcelona (2000).
  • 100 pel 2000 (100 for the year 2000), la Pedrera, Barcelona (1999).



September, 26th 1999. Façade of La Pedrera, Barcelona.

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