Garden of poems ’10

Garden of poems ’10

Open reading of poems by Joan Maragall on the year we celebrate the writer’s 150th birthday.

Representatives from Barcelona’s township and Catalonia’s government as well as students from all schools with the poet’s name filled the afternoon of Saint George’s day with verses and poems. And from poem to poem, the stage was filled with poetry, in front of Antoni Tàpies’ speaking mouth, specially painted for the occasion, thus creating a real ‘Garden of poems’.


April, 23rd 2010. Sant Jaume square. Barcelona
Selection of poems, director and narrator
Jaume Bernadet
Transcription of poems and stage managing
Jin Hua Kuan
Piano player
Xavi Pardo
Children’s choir Orfeó Català directed by
Glòria Coma Pedrals.
Stage props
Saura-Torrente d’edicions de l’Eixample

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